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Melbourne’s Immigration Museum launches exhibition focuses on Tuvalu’s struggle with climate change

Date: August 4, 2008

Australians are being urged to take notice of Tuvalu, the Pacific country most in danger from climate change.

At an exhibition launched at Melbourne’s Immigration Museum this week, an environment expert, Rob Gell, says it is virtually a foregone conclusion that Tuvalu will be uninhabitable within the next 50 years.

The exhibition explores the impact of climate change on Tuvalu and its people.

Mr Gell, a geographer, who is also spokesperson for Greening Australia, says the exhibition is a start in the education of Australians about the plight of the people of Tuvalu.

He says king tides, hurricane winds and rain, and high seas are becoming increasingly frequent in Tuvalu.

A Tuvaluan who has lived in Australia for the past 32 years, Tito Tapungao, says the country’s economy, culture and environment are all suffering.

He says at the moment there is a lot of erosion and the atolls are getting narrower.

Mr Gell and Mr Tapungao are urging the Australian government to do more to help Tuvaluans, including increasing aid and allowing in more environmental refugees.

Website: http://museumvictoria.com.au/Waters-of-Tuvalu

Source: RNZI

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