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  Elvis Stamps of Tuvalu
Updated: 2005 2010-07-17

The following are the genuine Elvis Presley stamps issued by Tuvalu, in the order of the date issued:

1. 2002.12.27: Single $1 stamp, printed in sheets of 6

Tuvalu Elvis stamp 1


2. 2006.01.30: 2 x $1 stamps, each printed in there own sheets of 6

Tuvalu Elvis stamp 2

Tuvalu Elvis Stamp 3


3. 2007.10.01: Six different photos of Elvis Presley

Tuvalu Elvis Stamp 4


4. 2008.07.14: Three different Elvis "Aloha from Hawaii" concert stamps, 2 of each in sheets of 6.

Tuvalu 2007 Elvis Hawaii


5. 2008.09.11: Six different Elvis stamps in sheets of six.

Tuvalu Elvis Stamp


6. 2009.03.12: Six different Elvis presley head shots, sheet of six.

Tuvalu 2009 Elvis Stamps


7. 2010.01.15: 75th Birth Anniversary, sheet of 4 different stamps.

Tuvalu 2010 Elvis stamps



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