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PISC Updates Web site

November 20, 2008

The Pacific Islands Study Circle has updated their web site, which should prove to be an excellent benefit for stamp and postal history collectors of the region, especially those who are members for 46 year-old society.

The biggest features of the new design are the addition of a Pacific collector's forum, and the online listing of the quarterly auctions, along with the prices realized for the previous auctions.

These two features are available to members only, while the rest of the web site is available to all interested visitors. Here they can find plenty of information on the PISC, which should be enough to convince them to become members!

The new forum is expected to be popular. As web sites are dynamic, the forum will allow members to share information, pose questions and receive answers very quickly. A forum section for Tuvalu is available.

The web address of the Pacific Islands Study Circle is http://www.pisc.org.uk/. Here you can find information on how to become a member.

Brian Cannon