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October 23, 2007

The Tuvalu Philatelic Bureau has announced that they will be selling some of the original art work and final proofs of postage stamps that they have at the bureau on Funafuti.

The original art work consists of the final approved design of each value in a set, while the proofs are actual prints of the final stamp designs, by the chosen printer. These are in imperforate format.

The items in question are for various stamps issued between 1977 and 1998.

TuvaluIslands.com has been provided with lists of what is available for sale to collectors:

Artwork List (294 items and 7 First day covers)

Proof List (133 sets)

For more information, contact as below:

Tuvalu Philatelic Bureau
P.O. Box 24
Tuvalu (Central Pacific)


Karl Tili, k_tili@yahoo.com

Filemoni Panisi at fpanisi@hotmail.com