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Constant varieties on 1976 $1 overprint definitive

Update October 15, 2007: Variety position located!

Two interesting varieties, which are believed to be constant, have turned up on the 1976 $1 definitive overprint stamp. Both varieties are on the same stamp, appearing once in a single pane of 50 stamps.


The first variety (fig. 1), has what appears to be a nasty scar on the face of the women weaving the coconut screen, in addition to a small mole near her chin.

The second variety (fig. 2), has what appears to be an outline of  paddle, leaning against the trunk of the left-most coconut tree on the stamp.

This variety has turned up on several loose single stamps with the spiral watermak.

Like the 50c mentioned last month, the exact position of the variety, is unknown. The stamps were printed in sheets of 100, 10 x 10 with a gutter down the middle. These were split into panes of 50, 5 rows by 10 columns, and issued as such, one pane with cylinder 2A markings, the other cylinder 2B markings.


"Scarred Face" variety


"Paddle" variety

I am interested in hearing from anyone else who finds this variety, especially on positional singles or blocks. More varieties...>

September 19, 2004