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New constant variety on 1976 50c overprint definitive?

There appears to be a previously unreported constant variety on the 50c value of the 1976 definitive overprints of Tuvalu.

An examination of large quantities of the spiral watermark version has found several mint and used examples with a red slash through the "5" of "50c".



                     Normal                                      Variety

The exact position of the variety, if constant, is unknown. The stamps were printed in sheets of 100, 10 x 10 with a gutter down the middle. These were split into panes of 50, 5 rows by 10 columns, and issued as such, one pane with cylinder 2A markings, the other cylinder 2B markings.

None of the varieties that I have seen have any margins that would help locate the position on a sheet. Whether they come from cylinders 2A or 2B, or both, is also unknown.

The 50c spiral watermarked stamp does not exist without the overprint. It is unknown whether the original block watermark printing from cylinders 1A and 1B also exists with the same variety.

I am interested in hearing from anyone else who finds this variety, especially positional singles or blocks. More varieties...>

August 26, 2004