Site Information, or Tuvalu Online is designed and operated by Brian Cannon, with help from his Tuvaluan wife Helena and son Robert. The site has been on the internet since 1998, one of the first websites dedicated to a Pacific island nation.

Brian was born in Montreal but has lived in the Vancouver area since 1989. He first visited Tuvalu in 1978, lived there in 1979-80. His interest interests include AutoCAD (his profession), computers in general, hockey, and baseball.

Helena, Brian's wife was born in Funafuti, the capital of Tuvalu. She was educated on Tarawa in Kiribati. Her main hobby is gardening. She does the Tuvaluan translations for this web site, and all the Tuvaluan correspondence.

Robert is Brian and Helena's 26 year old son. His only visit to Tuvalu was in 1984, when he was 2 years old. He attends college part time in Vancouver. He enjoys computers, the internet and video games and is a dedicated fan of the Vancouver Canucks hockey team. He helps work on the web pages and does research on Tuvalu.

Brian and Helena visited Tuvalu in October 2005. It was Brian's first visit in 25 years. Their photo album can be seen here:

Brian, his wife Helena, and Robert live in Langley (Vancouver area), British Columbia. They can be reached by e-mail at the following address:

Please note that we receive many emails asking for information, often of which can be found on the website. Please make sure you check the site before writing. We try to respond to all letters, but as Tuvalu Online is operated in our own spare time with our own expenses, some replies may take a while. We are unable to answer emails from anyone asking for free items such as postcards, stamps, coins, and bank notes. Tuvalu is a third world country, and most of these items are available for sale on this website or directly from Tuvalu.

Profits from all items for sale in the Tuvalu Online Store are used cover expenses in operating the website, thereby keeping it free for all users.