Government Building - April, 2004

Tuvalu's Government building was officially opened on July 6, 2004. It is the largest and tallest building on Funafuti, consisting of 3 stories with an H-shaped footprint. The building rests on the same spot as the previous building, which was torn down in 1999.

More Photos: The building under construction

Government Office, east side, Funafuti
Photo ©2004 Aunese Simati.

Government Building at left, new mobile phone tower, centre, and
post office (green) at the right. The post office has since moved into
the Government Building, and is now occupied by government ministers.
Photo ©2004 Aunese Simati.

Government Office from the airport terminal building
Photo ©2004 Aunese Simati.

Tuvalu Government Building
Government Office with flags of the South Pacific nations.
Photo ©2004 Aunese Simati.


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