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Tuvalu Mail Service Resumes

July 180, 2010

Airmail service out of Tuvalu has resumed, after close to five months of disruption.

All postal air service restarted on July 6, and the first cargo consisted mostly of the large backlog of letters and parcels held at the General Post Office on Funafuti since late February, 2010.

Outbound Airmail Service from Tuvalu came to a halt at the end of February, due to the termination of the contract between the Government of Tuvalu and Air Pacific, the only airline servicing Tuvalu.

A new agreement on taking outward mails from Tuvalu has finally been reached.

The rest of the backlog was sent out on July 13, and included quite a few packages from the Tuvalu Philatelic Bureau, consisting of stamps sold to overseas collectors.


Brian Cannon, with information from F. Panisi.

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