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Cabinet Ministers Appointed by Sopoanga Government

Tuvalu Online - 7 August 2002
Brian Cannon

According to information posted on the Tuvalu Online message board, newly elected Prime Minister Saufatu Sopoanga has appointed his cabinet ministers. They are as follows:

Maatia Toafa (Nanumea) - Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Communications and Transport

Sam P. Teo (Niutao) - Minister of Natural Resources

Bikenibeu Paeniu (Nukulaelae) - Minister of Finance and Economic Planning

Alesana K. Seluka (Nui) - Health, Education and Sports

Saloa Tauia (Niutao) - Speaker of the House

Sam P. Teo and Alesana K. Seluka retain the same positions held under the previous leadership of Koloa Talake.


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