Kogatabu Funafuti Conservation Area

Funafuti mapThe Kogatapu Funafuti Conservation Area was established in 1996, and covers 33 square kilometers of water and land on the western side of the Atoll.

It includes reef, lagoon, channel, ocean and islands habitats. There are six uninhabited islets with native broadleaf forest and coral sand beaches are located within the protected area and are home to coconut crabs, nesting seabirds and turtles. A variety of colourful fish can easily be seen through the clear blue lagoon while coral reefs and bommies provide for excellent snorkeling and scuba diving.

The Conservation Area includes lagoon, reef, channel, ocean and island habitats. The waters of the conservation area are home to many species of fish, corals, algae and invertebrates. The islets within the area contain 40% of the remaining native broadleaf forest on Funafuti atoll, and are home to significant seabird populations and are nesting sites for the green sea turtle.

Tepuka Sailivili had all its vegetation and most of its sand washed away by Cyclone Meli in 1997.

The following six islets (motu, in Tuvaluan) are included in the Conservation Area: Tepuka Savilivili, Fualopa, Fuafatu, Vasafua, Fuagea and Tefala.

Kogatabu Tefala
Sign on Tefala motu (islet), 2005. (c) Tuvalu.tv



Fualopa, 2005. (c) Tuvalu.tv


Remains of Tepuka Savilivili, 2005. (c) Tuvalu.tv

Kogatabu Funafuti


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