South Funafuti - Funafuti Saute

Photograph copyright ©2005 by Brian Cannon

Panorama view of South Funafuti, or Funafuti Saute, as the Tuvaluans call it. Panning with the scroll bar will give a 180 degree view from the southern part of Funafala in the east, around to Falaoigo on the west side of the lagoon. The names in the black bar are the motus, or islets, directly below the appropriate one.

The red "X" in the illustration below represents location where the series of photographs used to make the panorama view were taken, while the red dotted line is the rotated direction of the camera.

Funafuti Saute
Satellite Photograph courtesy of Tuvalu Map Server. 3d and text enhancements by Brian Cannon
Tuvalu Photo Album